Senior Staff

Richard Bowie, M.S.  –  Director of Operations

Our 25 plus year Director of Operations all as a volunteer is Richard Bowie M.S. He is a founder and advocated for improving SAR not just in Maine but anywhere that a new idea can help missing and lost, injured etc.  As a former medic, and graduate studies in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, he can work with many disciplines to further our mission.

Dr. Robert Bowie, M.D.  –  Director of Medicine

Doc Bowie is the voluntary Medical Director for DEEMI.  He works on improving the medical care delivered in remote rescue and SAR, as he is also an Emergency Physician and Medical Director for eleven EMS services.

Chris Rowley  –  Director of Imagery Operations and Analysis

Chris Rowley began volunteering with DEEMI in 2008 when tragedy struck his family. As always DEEMI stepped up and provided long term search support which inspired Chris to join their cause. His decades of experience as a defense imagery intelligence analyst fit well with DEEMI’s reconnaissance operation, and before long Chris was working as one of DEEMI’s primary imagery analysts. Since then Chris has provided support to a number of missions and even helped to improve DEEMI’s imagery collection and analysis processes overall.

Section Leaders

Gary Soucy  –  Fixed wing pilot and Imaging Section Leader

Gary Soucy of Brewer is Chief Pilot of our fixed wing aircraft. He is a long time DEEMI volunteer, shown above with the donated twin engine Grumman Cougar. He is also a professional photographer who often does our imagery, too.

Paul Wheeler (deceased) and Phil Flagg – Huey Helicopter Leaders

Anchors of our Huey Helicopter system. They are both decorated Vietnam Veterans, but will never tell you – lesson in Humility. They care for our Hueys doing our missions.

BDN UAV article VA - VA

Vinal Applebee, PE  –  Remote pilot and UAS Section Leader

Being a third generation private pilot and aircraft owner, Vinal has an affinity for things that fly. He also has a zeal for helping people in a time of need or crisis. Combining these two passions with his 7-year unmanned aircraft experience, volunteering for DEEMI made a lot of sense.


Dan Warner  –  HMMWV Section Leader

Dan is our HMMWV section leader. 

Simon Lowther

Simon Lowther  –  Information Technology and R&D Specialist

As a senior leader in IT management and computer networking at Athena Health, Simon volunteers his skill set to keep our computers, servers and similar equipment functional and up to date.