DEEMI has trained with multiple public and private agencies in the past, and we attend many open houses and work to show the public our assets.  We enjoy at times being called the best kept secret in Maine.










Howland FLIR over the shoulder
Howland UAS demo

We work with many local first-responders such as police, fire and rescue departments, and state agencies such as Maine Marine Patrol,  Maine Forest Service and the Maine Warden Service.

The photo to the left is our UH-1V doing external load training with Bangor Fire/DEEMI volunteers a few years back. Fire service is a strong ally of DEEMI as most have integrated EMS and do most of the rescues that occur in Maine/New England.


The Maine Forest Service was our host for a demonstration of sUAS and a discussion on how a thermal camera equipped drone could benefit their agency.  With a FLIR thermal camera attached to our drone, we assisted the MFS overflying a recent fire looking for remaining hot spots in Columbia Falls on 09/01/17. There were many as can be seen in the photo below.

We later assisted the Maine Forest Service with their establishment of a drone program. They now have seven drones in use. Ranger Jeff Courier thanked us for our assistance in a FB posting.

MFS fire in Columbia Falls


We have been reaching out to many local Fire Departments such as Howland, Glenburn, Kenduskeag and Hermon, to share our knowledge and give a first hand demonstration of the advantages of having a sUAS asset in their fleet.