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Mr. Bowie was born in Portland Maine, and is currently the Director of Operations for DEEMI.  Prior to DEEMI, the Medical College of Virginia Emergency Medical Services employed him, where he served as acting director and neonatal supervisor of their service.  Richard was instrumental in developing the Service from a single unit to over 14 ambulances, a helicopter and available Lear jet and King air services.  Richard pursued undergraduate concentrations in psychology and science and holds a Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience.  He has continued to pursue a doctorate in biomedical engineering.  Richard began work in emergency medical services as a volunteer in 1979.


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Dr. Bowie was born in Portland, Maine, and is an emergency medicine physician at CA Dean in Greenville and St. Joseph’s in Bangor. He is a full-time Professor of Practice in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Maine and is the Medical Director for the Bangor Fire and the Orono Fire Departments and DEEMI.  As an undergraduate (Physics), master’s (Biomedical Engineering) and medical school student, he was employed as a medic. Bob was a founder of the Medical College of Virginia’s EMS program.  He worked along side his brother, Richard to build their fleet of ground and air transport units.  Bob continues to develop and publish research and offer medical direction for EMS  and SAR applications.  His interest and work in emergency services started in 1979.



Mr. Finck is a former firefighter/EMT from Norfolk, Virginia, who came to the Medical College of Virginia in 1985.  While at MCV, Danny participated in advanced transport services and air flights.  He  served as a paramedic with Virginia’s Lifeflight.  Currently he works as a  Nurse in an ICU at MCV. Following his undergraduate degree, he pursued a Master of Arts in English and  then a BSN in nursing, as a firefighter and EMT; Danny offers DEEMI’s Board real-world insight to problems faced by EMS personnel.



Fabio received his political science degree and earned a law degree from the Villanova School of Law in 1992.  He joined DEEMI following graduation and has been involved in search and rescue and EMS for the past 10 years.  Fabio provides legal and administrative support to the DEEMI organization..

Leonard Charbeneau


Leonard is a Vietnam Veteran of the 74th Recon Aircraft Company.  He has experience in LRRP, remote SAR, and aviation operations.  He later became owner of a Mulitstate business, and takes a personal interest in our DEEMI systems and imaging from aircraft.  He joined the Board in 2016




Dr. Lenhardt is a professor of biomedical engineering at the Medical College of Virginia.  To date, he has published over 100 peer reviewed scientific research papers and has raised millions of dollars in support of his research interests.  Marty has led the research efforts of DEEMI and through NATO, has published research on helicopter acoustical studies.  He has 14 children.




Phil led the team that is now the DEEMI Board of Directors through the creation process of the Medical College of Virginia’s EMS system.  His military service with Special Forces in Vietnam and Laos qualified him to act as MCV EMS Commander in Chief.  During his wartime career, he was wounded in action against regular NVA troops and received the Silver Star for his efforts.  Following Vietnam, he trained as a pump perfusionist and worked with Dr. Hume on the second heart transplant ever performed.  Later, he was the Director of MCV hospitals with over 120 direct reports.  Phil’s rules are the honor code of the DEEMI organization.

Tim Apple



Mr. Tim Apple (deceased) Paramedic, Masters in Hospital Administration, long Term 23  years on Board of DEEMI and a great predictor of trends and challenges in EMS.